What’s the matter with U.S. elected officials? The heralded, idiotic, planned attack on Syria will result in hundreds of innocent civilians killed by U.S. missiles. The media report that the Syrian government is relocating projected targets to populated city centers, schools. Why add to the Syrian people’s pain, terror?

Secretary of State John Kerry stated the attack would not stop Assad’s regime from continuing its terror. The Syrian people will feel the brunt of U.S. violence, not their leaders.

Where is the United Nations? Responding to violations of international law is the world’s responsibility and the U.N.’s function. If it is incapable of making decisions, restructure it.

The billions of dollars America will spend as the action expands to fund the “hit them where it hurts” attitude should be redirected toward relief, assistance and caring for those frightened people.

Estimated costs for the limited warfare scheme alone is tens of millions of dollars. Think of the good that sum of money could generate if aimed at helping the Syrian refugees, rebuild their homes, their country. Care packages for those refugees, instead of devastating missiles, could change the world’s view of the American bully and shame their leaders in the process.

Ever wonder why there is such hatred toward America in the world? Many nations deem American policies hypocritical, deceitful and interfering. The U.S. should employ peaceful methods, such as sanctions, embargoes, etc.

Action against Syria could also place Israel in jeopardy. The U.S. is playing a very dangerous game.

Monique Belisle, Sabattus

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