AUBURN — It’s not every day that a cop gets a standing ovation, but police Chief Phil Crowell pulled it off Thursday night.

That’s because on Thursday, Crowell was named the newest president of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, a group with which he has been involved since 2000.

Crowell thanked his wife, Jennifer, and his supporting staff, but he was also quick to get back to business. Among his priorities as president, he said, will be working to increase the standards of police training.

Presently, Crowell said, once an officer graduates from the Criminal Justice Academy, he or she needs only to maintain the minimum training in order to remain certified as a police officer.

Crowell hopes to raise the bar a bit, making advanced training a must for all police officers in the state. To that effect, he has been establishing partnerships with area community colleges where a police officer can continue training.

Crowell, formerly a detective on the Auburn police force, became chief of the department in 2006. His role as president of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association will last for one year.

The association has more than 350 members, including active and retired chiefs, sheriffs and senior law enforcement leaders. The association actively participates in new training initiatives, policy advancement and progressive law enforcement tactics.

Crowell succeeds Michael D. Tracy of the Oakland Police Department as president.


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