Recently, I happened to watch a news program that showed a processing plant for lobsters. The lobsters were being torn apart while they were still alive. How cruel.

Lobsters can feel pain. They have feelings.

If you take a lobster and place it on a counter at home, just pat the lobster’s head and it will fall asleep. You can also pat the lobster’s head and, with your hand, bring the lobster’s tail upward. The tail will stay up while patting it.

I also find it cruel at restaurants and lobster pounds where staff just throw lobsters into a pot to cook. Those lobsters suffer and fight for their lives. So cruel. And people should not steam lobsters; that is also cruel.

The best way to cook lobsters is to place them head first, one at a time, in heavily boiling water. They die quickly.

I love lobsters, but I don’t want them to suffer, so I do it in the most humane way. I wish others would. It is the proper way.

Madeleine Perreault, Lewiston

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