RUMFORD — The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted Thursday night to add the town of Roxbury to the Ladder Truck Joint Purchase Agreement that also includes Rumford and Mexico.

Fire Chief Robert Chase explained to the board that by adding Roxbury, the price Rumford pays for the ladder truck would decrease by “about $1,000,” while Mexico’s savings would amount to $200.

“Roxbury has already set aside some money to buy into the agreement,” Chase said. “Basically, it’s a win-win situation.”

Board Chairman Greg Buccina questioned what effect the extra mileage would have on the truck if Roxbury ended up using it.

“Roxbury uses the ladder truck for a very small percentage of their calls, so the mileage wouldn’t have much of an effect on the truck,” Chase said. Rumford already uses the ladder truck to assist Roxbury.

“Because of mutual aid, we help them out if they need help,” Chase said, “but we figure this way, they’ll be able to have the benefit of the truck and help us out with the cost.”


The proportion of Roxbury’s payment, according to Chase, is “equitable in comparison to Rumford and Mexico, based on their population and their usage of the truck.”

Selectman Jolene Lovejoy lauded Chase for his work in inviting Roxbury to join in the joint purchase.

“A lot of people don’t realize what kind of work goes into a little change like this,” Lovejoy said.

During the citizens’ request section of the meeting, resident Kevin Saisi asked if the board study the speed limit at the corner of Congress Street and Portland Street.

“That turn onto Congress Street from Portland Street is marked as 25 miles per hour, but there’s a lot of foot traffic around there,” Saisi said. “I think 25 miles per hour is way too fast. I was wondering if the board could do a study on the speed limit on the island.”

Selectmen said they would look into the request.

In other business, the board unanimously voted to approve Selectman Brad Adley as election warden and Lovejoy as election deputy warden for the Oct. 8 budget referendum.

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