LIVERMORE — Selectpersons agreed Monday to form an ad-hoc committee to look into education options for the town’s children, Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub said.

The board first wants to meet with the town’s representatives to RSU 73, directors Diane Gould, Tim Madden and Cindy Young. That meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 7 at the Town Office during the Board of Selectpersons meeting, Schaub said Wednesday.

Residents interested in serving on the committee are asked to call the Town Office at 897-3207.

The board voted earlier in September to get financial information on withdrawing from RSU 73, which also serves Jay and Livermore Falls. It is a just a preliminary exploration of looking at education options, Schaub said. No decisions have been made.

According to information the town received from RSU 73 Superintendent Robert Wall, the town’s current school commitment is $1.82 million.

If Livermore were to withdraw, it would be responsible for $859,181.28 of the district’s debt.


The town would have to hire a school superintendent, which state law requires. A part-time superintendent is estimated to cost $13,000, according to RSU 73 information.

If the town were to withdraw, it would cost $1.26 million to tuition the 179 elementary school students to RSU 73. It is based on a tuition rate of $7,074 per student.

For secondary students at the high school, the cost would be $842,935 for 95 students. That is based on a tuition rate of $8,873 per student.

The combined total is $2.1 million for tuition.

Those figures do not factor in legal fees and special education costs that are not included in the tuition amount.

It also doesn’t consider buses for transportation that could be either leased or purchased, fuel, repairs/maintenance, payroll/clerical costs or drivers salaries and benefits.

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