PARIS — The Oxford Hills School District directors approved an amended Qualified School Construction bond Monday night, paving the way for signing a lease agreement with Siemens Building Technologies Inc. to install interior and exterior LED lighting.

The project is part of a $1 million contract with Siemens Building Technologies Inc. for two wood pellet boilers and the LED lighting.

The overall project is set to replace oil-fired boilers at Guy E. Rowe Elementary School in Norway and Oxford Elementary Schools, and to fund exterior LED lighting at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in Paris and elementary schools in Harrison, Waterford, Otisfield and Oxford elementary schools as well as interior LED lighting at the high school auditorium, forum and hallways.

The lighting project will covert some 200 exterior lights and 400 interior lights to LED fixtures, saving the district about 136,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Facilities Manager David Marshall said the boilers are expected to be installed in December.

The long road to the finalizing the financing agreement began earlier this year, when school officials approved the boiler and lighting project.

In June, school officials voted to approve the $1,024,807 project for the boilers and lighting but then learned that officials at the Qualified School Construction Bonds program only approved the money for the boilers.

The board rescinded its vote for the $1 million contract over the summer and voted to enter into a contract with Siemens for the two wood pellet boilers at a cost of $752,685.

The board then voted to submit an amended application to allow part of that $1 million funding to be used for the LED lighting. The state board approved the amendment in September.

Monday night’s vote authorized financing of the $271,342 for the lighting project.

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