NORWAY — Town Manager David Holt told selectmen Thursday night that an environmental study of a building taken for unpaid taxes shows asbestos in the building materials.

The property at 1 Cummings Place was taken by the town for unpaid sewer fees and taxes in the amount of $6,504. Officials failed to sell it by bid because of concern over asbestos.

Holt reported that an asbestos impact survey was conducted by Atlantic Environmental Contractors Inc. in Lewiston. The report, which cost the town $1,300, found it would take about $2,850 to remove asbestos found in the building materials inside and outside the building.

“It didn’t find devastatingly wrong things,” said Holt.

He said he would talk to two people who initially expressed interest in the property but balked due to asbestos fears. If that fails, he will rebid the property with the information contained in the report.

“I think it was a good idea to do the assessment,” Holt said.


The board also met with the owner of property at 30 Dean Ave. to work out a payment agreement for $7,425 in back taxes.

The board has been dealing with the disposition of tax-acquired property for the past several meetings.

Two weeks ago, they voted to demolish a house at 118 Main St. when it was determined that the work to renovate it and pay the back taxes and sewer fees would be too much for the former owner’s son to take care of.

The board did agree Thursday night on Holt’s recommendation to pay Tom Moore, son of the former owner, Ramona Moore, $200 to help him recoup approximately $2,000 he spent trying to secure the house and empty the trash.

The house will be razed early next week, Holt said.

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