Deciding who to vote for Lewiston mayor on Nov. 5 should be a “no brainer.”

I view the role of the mayor to be a positive spokesperson to promote economic development who will create jobs that pay a “living wage,” promote the work ethic of the residents, our wonderful assets, riverfront, three colleges, two top-notch hospitals, the Franco Center, Museum L/A, LA Arts and great eateries.

Our current mayor dwells on the one-half percent of bad apples of about 36,000 residents. Other city mayors have their bad apples, too, but let the city employees follow the laws and do their jobs to deal with those problems and don’t sensationalize the problems to make a name for themselves.

The former mayor, Larry Gilbert, was a positive spokesperson.

That is why it is a “no brainer.”

I will vote for Larry Gilbert for mayor of Lewiston.

Diane Grandmaison, Lewiston

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