LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen adopted a policy Monday that governs the use of the town’s community bulletin board at Gateway Park on the corner of Bridge and Main streets.

Town Manager Kristal Flagg told the Board of Selectmen that she looked at Farmington’s policy before drafting one for Livermore Falls.

She has already had one person come in and ask to put up information about the Pumpkin Walk on Saturday and Sunday on Foundry Road.

Flagg said she got the letters and numbers ready for the message, and the person picked them up, along with a key to unlock the board. The message was then posted.

“It worked out well,” she said.

According to the policy, the use of the board must be scheduled in advance through the Town Office. Space is allocated on a strictly first come, first serve basis, and announcements for the town will have priority.

Announcements must be submitted no more than 14 days prior to the event and removed no more than one business day after the event.

The desired message would be submitted to the Town Office in advance for the compilation of the lettering. Arrangements would also be made to pick up the key and return it during regular business hours.

The display of community announcements is limited to nonprofit agencies and groups sponsoring events of community interest and welcoming home local military veterans.

The announcements will need to be non-political and non-religious in nature.

“The Board of Selectmen reserves the final authority to approve or deny any request that may be questionable for the use of space on the Community Bulletin Board,” the policy states.

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