An electrical storm forces Harriet Hollyhock’s (played by Emma Weissenfels) plane to land in Hangtown. What better time to visit her famous cousin Dr. Horace Roy (played by Zachary Fisher) who operates an asylum for extremely nervous patients?

At the asylum things are hysterical. An earthquake jolt has freed a poltergeist and it’s creating dangerous mischief. What can Harriet suggest? Call the Ghostchasers! The Ghostchasers are led by Honcho (played by Hayden Rodrigue) who is loaded with an arsenal of kooky weapons.

If the nasty ghost wasn’t trouble enough, the patients have locked up the staff and no one can tell who’s who. This uproarious comic thriller farce in two acts will tickle everyone’s funnybone.

Also included in the cast are Kayla Gayton, Jon Wilcox, Katelyn Cloutier, Kyle Severance, Nik Peterson, Cassie Lovell, Dylan Wing, Kitaira Harvey, Brittany Bays, Morgan Boilard, Cassidy Stevens, Joe McGeoghegan, Mikayla Black, Angel Neikirk, and MaKenzie Leblanc. David Maher, Toni Luchini, and Ron Caswell, three faculty members of Oak Hill High School will round out the cast.

The show is directed by Lucy Rioux with assistance of Laura Eldridge. Tech crew includes Jacob Kupfer, Cameron Black, John Harper, and Sarah Carpenter.

Tickets will be sold at the door at each performance. Prices are $5 for students and seniors, and $7 for general admission.

For more information, call 207-375-6961, ext. 112.

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