Question 5 on the November ballot will give Maine businesses the opportunity to hire more graduates for good-paying jobs. I am supporting it because there are exciting things happening at Central Maine Community College.

A “yes” vote on the question will provide the local community college with $2.35 million to construct a new building that will house state-of-the art classrooms and science labs.

Enrollment in the community colleges has grown 83 percent in the past decade, but even after all that growth there are students waiting to enroll. That waiting period is preventing students from getting their degrees, while Maine employers are confronting a growing skills gap.

Voting “yes” on Question 5 is about opportunity for Maine and Central Maine Community College students to get the skills they need to do the jobs of the 21st century. Maine businesses will have the opportunity to grow by hiring people from the local community college.

Question 5 is about giving Maine’s economy the opportunity to grow and become stronger and more sustainable.

Question 5 is not complicated. Voting “yes” will give Maine people the skills they need to fill the good-paying jobs that Maine businesses have to offer.

Lloyd “Bud” Willey, Lewiston

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