“Damnationland: The Way Life Should Bleed”: Ready to kill in theaters

LEWISTON — At 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31, She Doesn’t Like Guthries will screen five short Maine-made films as part of an annual showcase titled “Damnationland: The Way Life Should Bleed.” Sponsored by Maine Microcinema, the program presents genre-defying original works from Maine filmmakers that redefine the classic thriller and horror categories.

Each Damnationland film is a world premier, and a film produced in Maine or by Mainers especially for the Halloween season. These are dark, surreal, and fantastic films, and they offer film fans an excellent sampling of the talent producing independent film in Maine today.

Trailers and information about the films, filmmakers, and other screening’s will be available at http://damnationland.com. This year’s films include:

NATAL — By Bonfire Films. Directed by Corey Norman. Starring Jessica Fratus, Erik Moody, Andrew Sawyer, and Chara Victoria Gannett. Synopsis: After a recent suicide attempt, three friends bring Carissa to her family’s cabin for a weekend of rest. When she starts hearing scratching in the walls, she begins questioning her own sanity as her world spirals out of control.

Penelope: Once Upon A Time In The Woods – by Moving Circle Pictures. Directed by Jennifer Widor Smith. Starring Sophey Potter, Jane Ackermann and Robert Logan. Synopsis: A dark fairy tale set in the Maine woods, where evil twists the imagination of a young girl as her older sister gets pulled to the horrors that lurk within.

Syrup — by Through The Door Productions. Directed by Caroline O’Connor and Everett Bunker. Starring Anna Gravel and Ranin Brown. Synopsis: What begins as a quaint morning in New England becomes a nightmare over breakfast.

Detour — by Merobi Films. Directed by Gary Robinov and Dean Merrill. Starring Brian Chamberlain and Astrea Campbell-Cobb. Synopsis: A recovering drug addict struggling with anxiety and depression decides to let go of the past and embrace the new person he hopes he can be, when a stranger enters his life. As he tries to stay clean and sober he realizes he must fight to stay alive.

Natsuki — by Titleless Productions. Directed by Shehzad Popat. Starring Salima Ali and Shehzad Popat Synopsis: Natsuki, a forsaken Portlander, lives what it means to be damned.

Damnationland was created in 2010 by Eddy Bolz, David Meiklejohn and Allen Baldwin as a showcase for Maine filmmakers and local talent. It continues to inspire collaboration with an annually rotating group of producers and directors.

film submissions are invitation only, ensuring high-quality short films that will thrill and terrify audiences for years to come

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