The Edward Little High School Class of 1958 held its 55-year reunion at the Martindale Country Club in Auburn on Sept. 21.

From the left in front are Deborah Cohen Leve, Kay Kenney Wilkins, Sandra Reynolds Scribner, Judith Spofford Sargent, Sandra Sturtevant Terrell, Dorothy Begin Skinner, Bernice Herrick Brooks, Simone Thibault Lepage, Joyce Turmenne Calden, Anita Lawler Hamel, Nancy Arnold Davenport, Judith Cronk Liberty and Beverly Bishop Gagnon.

Row two: Brenda Wilson Bornstein, Sylvia Gagne Lambert, Barbara Norcross Mushlit, Louise Chase, John Boucher, Sally Smith, Eleanor Fitzherbert Morin, Faye Miller Neal, Normand Liberty, Charlotte Bouchard Haskell, Cynthia Bishop Porter, Henry Davenport, Sylvia Walton Crafts, Virginia Knight Gartland, Una Fosdick Tuck and Janice Upham.

Row three: Dorothy Crowley Noel, Steven Sedgeley, Marilyn Bowie Finch, Sandra Dudzik Hodgkins, Pauline Dunlap Bockus, Linda Bell Harris, Paul Lodge, Stephen Marsden, Rene Bilodeau, David Sargent, Wayne Castner, Earle Morency and Daphne Irish Ward.

Row four: Peter Rogers, Robert Morissette, Marie Dion Ouellette, Paul Houlares, Frederick Westerberg, Mark Bornstein, Robert Quinton, Richard Keene, Andrew Demers, Derwood Begin, William Lawler, Paul Timberlake and Robert Tiner. Attending, but not in the picture: William Burke.

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