“Who Murdered Who,” by Millard Crosby, is filled with laughs, thrills, and excitement. Gould Trevor (Jack Kuchta) receives a threatening note. Jennie, Trevor’s housekeeper (Lorrie Hoeh), overhears Trevor talking of murder and thinks Trevor plans to murder her. Jennie flees and a strange woman, who calls herself Mary Jones (Rosabelle Tifft), takes over as housekeeper for Trevor. Excitement increases as mysterious happenings take place with nearly everyone suspected of murder. The cast also includes: Tineke Ouwinga as Camilla, who is engaged to Gould; Kathy Berberian as Kit, who has unusual hobbies; Mark Antell as Willie Trippett, the detective; Jim McLean as Dr. Gravesend, medical examiner; and Carole Timberlake as Veda, previously engaged to Gould.

“Shakespeare in Shambles,” by Wade Bradford, finds William Shakespeare (Ross Timberlake) dealing with ticket sales, an eccentric actor, Thomas Kemp (Norman Milliard), an insanely jealous wife (Ginger Kelly), and Lord Chamberlain (Roberta Taylor), who wants to close down the immoral theater. Everyone is anxious to find out what Shakespeare will write next except for Queen Elizabeth (Bonnie Marshall) who may be the real playwright. Keeping their secret hidden takes a lot of work and costume changes with the help and comings and goings of Gerty (Barb Dion), a boisterous “costume wench.”

The final play, “Light Competition,” by Louise Helliwell, is a delightful comedy set in the Christmas season. Each year the city gives a prize for the best Christmas decorations and Mr. Benton (Jim McLean), and his neighbor, Reynolds (Jack Kuchta), are in such a feud over the matter that only a miracle can stop them. In desperation, Bunty Benton (Carole Timberlake), and Bob Benton (Norman Milliard), plan a miracle of their own, resulting in the merriest Christmas ever. Other cast members include: Mrs. Benton, the mother (Barb Dion); Aunt Margaret (Rosabelle Tifft); Mary, the maid (Tineke Ouwinga); Herman, the handyman (Mark Antell); and Isobel, Bob’s girlfriend (Carol Campbell).

Admission to the performance is free; donations appreciated. Refreshments will be on sale during intermission. For more information, call 207-824-2917.

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