AUBURN — When the snow and sleet hit this winter, Auburn students might see delayed starts instead of snow days.

Superintendent Katy Grondin on Wednesday reminded the Auburn School Committee of a change approved last year. When there’s a storm, Grondin will have three options: hold school, call off school or order a two-hour delay.

Before this year, Auburn and Lewiston schools called off school together. This year, the two districts are going their separate ways; Lewiston does not allow delayed starts.

The first time Auburn holds a delayed start, it will be a learning experience, Grondin cautioned.

To avoid confusion, the delayed start will always be two hours, she said. There will be no two-hour delayed starts on half-day Wednesdays.

The late-start option will be helpful in storms that end at 6 a.m., which would allow highway crews two hours to clear roads so students and staff can get to school, rather than everyone staying home all day.

With winter coming, the School Department is gearing up for the change, Grondin said.

She’ll soon send out robo-calls to parents informing them of the policy. Written notices will also be sent home to students.

— Bonnie Washuk

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