Maine is experiencing the war on bills, but it is more like tyrannical rule by those who make up the majority in the Legislature.

A bill about wine tasting has taken priority over bills to help homeless veterans with housing (by utilizing buildings that are slated for demolition), and bills that would protect human sex trafficking victims with a clean slate from past exploitations.

Many believe this war is based solely on partisan politics. When did we stop caring for our people?

The only explanation I have heard from House Speaker Mark Eves is his need to make sure the review of the bill proposals are complete by a deadline for the next session.

Deadlines and wine tasting are more important than homeless veterans and exploited citizens? Why waste time on a wine tasting bill when the time could be spent on protecting veterans and citizens?

I have never been a lawmaker but hope to in time. I would think that there is a process to categorize and address bills by need.


Lawmakers could learn from a hospital emergency department on how they prioritize their patients. Life-threatening conditions get first treatment. Being homeless is life threatening when there is not enough room at the shelter and winter is upon us.

Sex trafficking is also life-threatening. Victims should have a clean slate.

Legislators must stop playing party politics, trying to make opponents look bad at the expense of the common people and their needs.

The voters are watching.

Linda Wooten, Auburn

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