The leading role of “Scrooge” will be played by popular CLT performer Shawn Robitaille. The 70-members cast of “A Christmas Carol” is multi-generational, and also will feature Benjamin Proctor at Marley’s Ghost, Maddy Leslie as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Dan Kane as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and CLT newcomer Paula Kaiser as the Ghost of Christmas Future. Anthony Morin will play Bob Cratchit and 9-year-old Mai Luu will portray Tiny Tim.

The cast also includes Dan Crawford as Mr. Fezziwig and Stefanie Lynn as Mrs. Fezziwig, roles they both played in previous productions. CLT favorite, Jason Pelletier will play both Scrooge as a young man and his nephew, Fred Anderson. Danielle Eaton (the show’s co-choreographer) will play Sally Anderson and Anna Gravél will play Emily, Scrooge’s lost love.

CarlaRose Dubois returns to the CLT stage as Mrs. Cratchit, and Katie Luu, Noah Keneborus, and Pieta Dubois play the remaining Cratchit children. Peter Cyr is Mr. Smythe and Chantal Cyr and Mallory Haynes-White are the Smythe children. Hayden Thomas (the show’s co-producer) plays Jonathon and Ethan Rombalski is Jack. Nakesha Myrick (co-producer) is Mrs. Mopps, Phil Vampatella is Old Joe, Alexandre Roy and Jack Desrosiers play young Ebenezer at 8 and 12, and Abigail Langelier plays his sister Fan. Scrooge’s mother and father are played by Tracy Kapocius and Jay Barrett. Dan Burgess is the Beadle and Owen Kane plays Young Jacob Marley.

The cast of excellent singers and dancers also includes: Audrey Martin (co-choreographer) Karen McArthur, Chiara Ferrante, Judy Macomber, Sherri Couture, Marnie Dubois, Charlotte Morin, Megan Parks, Tanya Estabrook, Melissa Toussaint, Meredith Crawford, Jackie McDonald, James McKinley, Conner Crawford, Don Robitaille, Marcel Dubois, , Sophie Wood, Leslie Gail Reed, Megan Guynes, Nicole Buerhaus, Olivia Dubois, Jesh Flynn, Dominique Cyr, Jillian Foster, Briley Bell, and Lauryn Mae Griffey-Parks.

Also, Jacob Morin, Zachary Morin, Cherie Pelletier, Madeleine Vaillancourt, Marie Pittman, Alice Pittman, Eden Rochow, Anna Dostie, Elena Ray Clothier, Lily Chabot, Karma Pelletier, Kimberly McDonald, Mia Morin, Madeleine Dubois, Shauna LeBlanc, and Kelsey Wesleigh.

The show’s assistant director and set designer is Glynnis Nadel, and the Music Director is Gabrielle Valle.

For more information, visit or call 207-783.0958.

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