PERU — Selectmen voted Monday night to send a letter to Recreation Committee member Timothy Holland about Recreation Department funds.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Jim Pulsifer said Wednesday morning that the board has received complaints about how Holland handled the funds.

“So we’ve asked for Tim to account for the funds,” Pulsifer said. “Some funds are given to the Peru Recreation Committee and it’s a town standard to pay only on invoices for specific items. I’m sure there was some expediency involved, so I don’t think Tim did anything wrong.”

He said paperwork may not have been filled out properly.

“Peruvians for Honest Government is making a case about it, so we need to look at things to see if there’s any legitimacy to (the complaints),” Pulsifer said. “I hope he responds (to the letter), and I don’t believe there are any misplaced funds, but we have procedures in place and we have to follow them.”

At its Nov. 18 meeting, the board said it would review town records and talk with former Recreation Committee members to ensure that recreation money was used properly.

At that meeting, the issue was who had authority to spend money raised by the committee. In the past, the Recreation Committee raised funds and received money from the town. It’s the town’s duty to oversee spending of town funds.

In June, the issue was determining who besides Holland was on the Recreation Committee, which Pulsifer said has its own checkbook over which selectmen have no control.

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