DIXFIELD — The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted Monday to appoint Calvin Beaumier as Public Works director. He will continue to serve as code enforcement officer.

Town Manager Linda Pagels-Wentworth told the board that the hiring committee received three “very good” candidates for the director’s job.

“All three of the candidates were great,” she said. “However, I wound up offering the position to Calvin Beaumier. I extended him an offer on Friday, which he accepted.”

Pagels-Wentworth also requested that selectmen reinstate the title of “Public Works director,” instead of “working foreman.”

“I think with the qualifications of the applicant, and with the positions he’s held before, it would make sense to change the title,” Pagels-Wentworth said.

The board unanimously voted to approve the title change.


Selectman Bob Withrow asked Pagels-Wentworth what would happen to the town’s code enforcement officer position.

“Calvin will maintain that position in addition to this one,” she said.

In other business, selectmen listened to a request from the Water District superintendent to change the billing cycle for buildings with larger meters from quarterly to monthly.

Water District Superintendent Jim White said, “One of the things happening in our industry right now is to bill the larger meters. One of the things it does is increase your cash flow. One of the downsides is that it’ll cost you about $70 for postage to send it out.”

White said the 6-inch meter at Irving Forest Products had recently stopped working for a time.

“Somewhere between one of the quarters, it stopped working on us,” White said. “If you look at the budget under commercial accounts, we lost $10,000 on that. My recommendation is that we change the billing cycle to a monthly basis, when it’s convenient for us. It might take a little bit to work it through and do it properly, but I feel like it’s the prudent thing to do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come to you.”

Selectman Hart Daley asked White if he could provide the board with a list of the accounts that would be affected by the change, and White agreed.

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