It may have been a matter of crafter’s fate.

Eighteen months ago, Sheri Withers and her friend Tracey Miller started “Neighborhood Handmade,” bringing together like-minded folks and getting good reception at craft fairs.

Then, last winter, Withers found herself running to Portland more than she’d like for Christmas shopping; she really wanted to buy local. Withers worked full-time at Forage in downtown Lewiston. Her boss mentioned having available space above.

In February, she and her husband, Stanley Hollenbeck, opened Downtown Handmade & Vintage, a mix, like the name suggests, of local crafts, vintage finds and quirky novelties.

She has her own totes, handbags, jewelry, cloth napkins, pot holders and, sometimes, her 2-year-old daughter, in the eclectic store.

When Withers looks in her crystal ball for the next quirky trend, she sees . . . cats.

Name: Sheri Withers

Lives: Lewiston (Hometown: Turner)

Age: 34

How did you get started crafting? Started sewing clothes for my son in the late ’90s.

Do you think anyone can craft or does it take some basic qualities like patience or skill? I think anyone can craft and find their own niche, but it does take patience. And the ability to try other crafts. Not everyone is good at everything. As much as I hate to admit it, I can’t knit or crochet. My grandmother has tried numerous times to no avail.

What handmade trends do we have in L-A? We have a large section of very talented artists. Jewelry is always popular, along with fun local greeting cards.

How popular has your “I (Heart) Downtown Lewiston, Maine” merch been? They have been a huge hit! We recently started getting mugs, tote bags and long-sleeve shirts done!

Best vintage find for the shop? I am a sucker for vintage pins and earrings. The Bates students love the vintage L.L.Bean clothing. Nice thick flannel.

Weirdest? Bacon and beer socks or mustache bandages.

Can you explain the current allure of mustaches? When I asked my son (who is a freshman at Lewiston) what I needed more of, I was told more mustaches. It has evolved from just drawing a stache on your finger. We have mustache wrapping paper, greeting cards, bandages. We have them crocheted on a stick and emergency packs of different popular staches for the different days of the week.

Please tell me what’s in an emergency pack of mustaches! The emergency mustache pack contains “6 mustaches to instantly become a man” plus, “they are sealed for extra freshness.” Some of the famous names are “the traditional gent” and “rusty brush.” The package looks like Burt Reynolds, who we all know has the most epic mustache ever!

Say you, unfortunately, stumble and scrape you knee: What band aids do you have in your own medicine cabinet? Currently, we have been rocking the Shakespearean (insults) and bacon bandages at home.

Your prediction: What’s on the horizon for quirky trends? I think cats will be the next mustache. I have handmade tote bags with your furry best friend, not to mention kitschy cat figurines. Everyone loves silly cat videos and I think this is starting to cross over into quirky gift ideas.

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