U.S. culture is rapidly changing. So is the true meaning of Christmas.

The first syllable of Christmas evidently defines its meaning and purpose. The only obvious reason for the holiday is to celebrate that birth. Whether or not it is celebrated that way … it is what it is.

Non-believers and so-so believers are turning Christmas into a pagan-like holiday, just as they are doing with Easter and Halloween (All Souls Day).

The holiday section of the Sun Journal (Dec. 19) showed a list of the 25 supposedly most popular Christmas songs, none of which were Christian.

There was a sign put up in Times Square to take Christ out of Christmas. It’s like telling the atheists that their solstitial observance isn’t for that purpose.

How many parents explain to their children the true meaning of Christmas? Many of them are either unaware or, like many adults, really could care less.


Crosses (signs of goodness) are being forced to come down across the country and at veterans’ burial grounds.

It is to be remembered that this country was founded on religious principles. So why are people and the media trying to change the principles?

Enjoy and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Neil Bourgoin, Jay

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