FARMINGTON — A Franklin County judge sentenced a Waterville man Thursday to 14 days in jail for stealing more than $1,500 in merchandise from the Walmart store on Aug. 3, 2013.

Lee Wurzell, 29, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of theft in November.

The agreement calls for no probation once he is released.

Justice Michaela Murphy granted a two-week stay to begin serving the sentence.

Farmington police had released a photo of Wurzell to the media in August that showed him with two shopping carts filled with merchandise he did not pay for as he left the Wilton Road store. Police had asked the public’s help in identifying him.

In November, a state prosecutor said a clerk would have testified that she was told a third-party would pay for the merchandise in the three carts that Wurzell and a woman had brought up to be checked out.

The clerk would have testified that the woman with Wurzell had walked off and Wurzell left the store with two of the three carts. A review of the video showed no third party shopping with Wurzell and the woman in the store, according to testimony, Assistant District Attorney James Andrews had said.

The plea agreement reached in November called for a cap of 30 days in jail and a cap of $1,680 in restitution. The amount had been higher but some items were returned.

On Thursday, the amount was down to $528.80 in restitution, Deputy District Attorney Andrew Robinson said.

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