This person gives and shows service by the small things that mean big for others. She does this each day for her classmates and teachers. She is thoughtful, cooperative and always thinking of others. She was the first to bring food for our food drive this past week and reminded others how important it was to help others. She is a highly motivated learner as well as a caring classroom helper. It is for all these qualities that Allie Bachelder is selected student of the month for service in grades K-2.

Celia Philbrick

This student has shown tremendous growth and maturity.  She has serious drive and commitment to her schoolwork, her friends, and her team.  This student has gained confidence and perseverance even in areas that she finds the most challenging.  She always strives to push herself regarding her academics and extracurriculars, but also in her character.  She is not afraid to step out of the fray and do what she feels is right-regardless of what others are doing.  It is a true testament to her adaptation into her role as a high school student.  Speaking of roles, many were testament to her adaptation into her role as a high school student.  Speaking of roles, many were astounded as she stepped out from behind the curtain on stage crew and into the role of Belle’s father in the fall production of Beauty and the Beast.  The high school honors Celia Philbrick as student of the month.

Kelsey MacLean

This student is a joy to have in class. She comes in with a smile on her face and ready to work. She comes in and helps others get ready for the day. She always puts others needs before her own. She often will go around and give others their supplies before she gets them for herself. She is determined to do her best with everything she does.  Others often give up when things are hard, this student preserves. She is kind, helpful and a great friend. She keeps our class up to date with all the new songs released. I often tell her she is our radio! I am so lucky to have this child in my class.RangeleyLakesRegionalSchoolis lucky to have her as part of our school community. Congrats to Kelsey Maclean.

Alexis Bachelder


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  If this is true then this student lives up to Gandhi’s words.  This fourth grader does not look at who she helps, but will help anyone because of the kindness she carries within her heart.  She could be in the middle of something, but will never hesitate to lend a helping hand.  She is always the first to volunteer her services when help is needed.  For these reasons and more, it swath great honor we present Alexis Bachelder with student of the month for service.

Loggan Roy

As we think about the spirit of the holiday season, we think about kindness and generosity. These are traits that we all aspire to, but for some, these characteristics are so engrained in who we are that they naturally guide behavior and interactions. There is a particular student  in the middle school who embodies this spirit. This student practices kindness and generosity just because this is who he is. It is not because it is the holiday season that he reaches out to make sure everyone is treated fairly, it is not because he is asked to help out that he does; he does these things just because these are the right thing to do. He is kind towards everyone. He is giving of himself and his time. He continually shows growth in character. He embodies the spirit of giving. This student is a team player regardless of the situation or the venue. This student embodies the holiday spirit year round and we are all better for it. Thank you to the middle school student of the month Loggan Roy for all the ways you contribute to our community.

Will Dugan

The third grade class this year is fortunate to have many students that are willing to do extra to help others. Yet, there is one student in particular that goes even above and beyond when it comes to helping his teachers, classmates, and his school. In addition to coming to school every day smiling and ready and willing to work hard and learn as much as he can, this child will not think twice when it comes to helping those around him. Whether it is a shoe needing to be tied, something that needs to get passed out, a message that needs delivering, a favor that needs fulfilling, a kind word to lift a student’s spirit or encourage them, or a question that needs an answer, this young man is quick to offer his help, his energy, his time. We are so fortunate to have Will Dugan as a student in this school and we hope he continues to lead by example. Congratulations, Will!

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