Will this country survive three-plus more years of the Obama administration?

The policies if his administration have contributed to the destruction of Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. The radicals taking over those countries are no better than the ones who were in power, and they all hate Christians and Jews. They are murdering Christians in those countries and the Obama administration remains silent.

Members of al-Qaida are alive and well in Iraq and causing a lot of trouble. Obama pulled U.S. troops out, leaving that country up for grabs, just as I suspect he will do in Afghanistan.

The Obama administration is making deals with Iran, a country bent on eradicating Israel from the face of the Earth. Iran is not to be trusted and Obama seems to be either very naive or just plain stupid.

Obama seems to welcome the views of the Muslim Brotherhood into his administration, with some people in top positions reportedly having ties to MB. How is that possible?

Almost 50 percent of this country is on food stamps or some form of welfare. There are more unemployed citizens than ever before. Anyone who speaks out against the Obama administration is labeled a racist. Tea party groups are investigated by the IRS and their status as political groups are held up for years in order to discourage them.

Americans should beware. It is beginning to look a lot like communism.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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