RUMFORD — The Student Council at Mountain Valley High School recently hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive and got more than they bargained for. In addition to collecting 44 units of blood, the drive netted positive experiences for many first-time donors.

First-time donor Sarah Klein said, “It was quicker than what I thought and the people are friendly.”

“I decided to donate because there are people out there who need it,” explained junior Nick Billings. “If I have blood and can give, why not give?” He is also a first-time donor and said, “My experience was good. It made me feel good to help someone.”

Junior Nathan Billings had such a positive first donation that he termed it “very relaxing.”

Tiffany Lake admitted, “It was a little scary but exciting because I know I did a good thing and could possibly save someone’s life. “

A senior and first-time donor, Lake fulfilled a dream that began long ago. “I always look for ways to help others and have said since I was little that I was going to be a donor.”

Dirigo High School senior Britney Ellis donated for the second time. She said, “I continue to donate so that I can get over my fear of needles and to help save lives. If someone was nervous or scared, I would tell them it isn’t that bad. If I can do it, they can do it because I’m scared of needles.”

Classmate Baily Williams is a regular at blood drives. He has donated six times. Williams advises someone who is thinking of donating to do it. “You could save a life and if I can do it, you can too!”

High school students were not the only donors.

Seneca of Newry explained her motivation for donating, “I enjoy helping others and giving blood costs me only my time. I may not have money to give but giving my blood has such a profound benefits and my body is designed to continually produce more.”

In terms of someone who may be scared or nervous about donating, she said, “A little pain to save a life? You probably get hurt more in the course of your day than one little needle prick. Suck it up and don’t be selfish.”

Veteran donor and Dixfield resident, Bitsy Ionta said, “Don’t be a sissy! What’s a little pick for the chance to help someone.”

Finally, Jason Jolin of Rumford explained the experience, “It’s just like giving blood at a doctor’s office. You just give a little more.”

The Student Council thanks everyone who turned out at the blood drive.

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