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“In addition to our wide selection of pearl and crystal jewelry for brides, we have seen increased interest in sapphire and other colors like topaz for brides,” according to Jill Maier, vice president of Design at Carolee.

As the “jewelry destination for brides,” Carolee has for decades had its finger on the pulse of what brides want. Sapphire blue stones are now a staple in their bridal collection, with stones set in silver and gold tone metal.

Topaz stones set in gold have become popular, and rose gold metal is another color option that brides have gravitated to. These trends also influence jewelry for bridesmaids and every member of the bridal party.

While color is making news in bridal circles, pearls will always play a lead role in the world of bridal jewelry. Classic styles like single and double row chokers, often mixed with crystal, are truly classic and always appropriate for brides.

But there are now many modern twists, both in design and in ways brides choose to wear pearls. Modern brides often personalize their pearls by wearing bolder, longer styles, by mixing and layering different millimeters and by twisting, tying or knotting them.

The variations are endless with a 72-inch, white pearl rope — a staple for any bride — as well as any post-wedding wardrobe. Crystal styles — teardrop earrings and necklaces, delicate Y necklaces, chokers and bracelets in floral designs — are also beautiful and popular choices among brides. They, too, can be layered, mixed and matched with pearls.

The bottom line is that brides are more than ever expressing their personal style in every aspect of their weddings. Jewelry selection is a wonderful way to do this because it is a focal point that frames the face and will live forever in glorious photos of the memorable day.

For more information about choosing bridal jewelry, visit www.carolee.com.

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