LEWISTON — The Winter Book Challenge is on at the Lewiston Public Library Children’s Room. Children and families are being challenged to read at least 10 different styles of books over the months of February and March.

Each of the two challenges (one for picture book readers and one for independent readers) challenges participants to read 10 new and exciting books. Challenges include “read a book with a winter word in the title,” “read a book recommended by a friend or family member,” “read a book published in 2013” and more.

Participants who complete all 10-book challenges are eligible for a prize from the Children’s Room, including the chance to win a T-shirt.

The challenge will run through April 1. Challenge sheets are available in the Children’s Room. Families can elect to bring their challenge sheet home or to leave it in a folder at the Children’s Room Desk.

Children and families who complete one Winter Book Challenge are encouraged to complete a second form and read 10 more books to win a second prize.

The challenge is designed to get children and families reading books that they normally would not pick – books outside their comfort zone.

One of the goals is to support the school department’s push for 20 minutes of reading every day. Studies have shown that children who read or are read to 20 minutes per day are more successful in school, have learned more words by the start of kindergarten and have higher scores on standardized testing. The Winter Book Challenge helps to make this push into a fun activity that families and children can tackle together.

For more information, call the Children’s Room of the Lewiston Public Library at 513-3133.

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