100 years ago, 1914
(Letter to Editor) Dear Sir: Please insert the following in the evening edition of your worthy newspaper. We, the All Stars of L.H.S. do hereby challenge the E.L.H.S. second team to a game of basketball to be played some time within the next two weeks. The sooner the better. The team is composed of the L.H.S disbanded team and is anxious to meet the team across the brook as they are shooting off about how they have not been defeated this season and we would like the honor of taking the first full out of them if given the chance. The only objection we have to playing in Auburn hall is that we saw a local team go over and play between the E.L.H.S. game and then have to pay for their dance checks, which we thought kinder stingy on the part of the Auburn manager. Yours, Truly, Goodie Hewey, Capt., Bill Tracy, Mgr.

50 years ago, 1964
(PHOTO CAPTION) BULK GRAIN LOADERS IN AUBURN — These new public grain loading facilities installed by the Maine Central Railroad in Auburn are in operation. The two units will be used to allow retail and wholesale feed dealers in the area to handle bulk poultry and dairy feed. Freight hopper cars with bottom hatches are unloaded over the two conveyors and the grain is moved directly to trucks under the chutes. The new installation is located on a trestle between the MCRR bridge over the Androscoggin River and the Turner Street underpass. It is expected that the new system will benefit area feed dealers through lower transportation and handling costs.

25 years ago, 1989
Possible cooperative arrangements for dealing with problems of solid waste disposal were discussed Wednesday evening at a meeting of Poland and Mechanic Falls officials at the Poland Town Office. The practicability of both towns using the recently acquired stump dump set up by Mechanic Falls on Pigeon Hill off Route 26 was considered. Poland’s transfer station has no facilities for a stump dump.

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