One of my favorite winter activities is cross-country skiing at Bradbury Mountain State Park. I enjoy the peaceful beauty of the woods and seeing families snowshoeing, hiking and skiing.

Unfortunately, snowmobiles are allowed to enter the park and take the main trail to the summit, as well as the so-called “ski trail.” The ski trail is a fun downhill run, except for the fact that one must stop to beware of snowmobiles coming up the trail.

Recently, I had a very close call with a snowmobiler coming up the trail at a very high rate of speed. He did not stop, nor slow down. In fact, I was lucky to maintain control and get out of his way without hitting a tree.

Some riders are respectful, but their machines leave exhaust fumes which linger and ruin that fresh air ski or snowshoe experience.

I believe that most of the people who come to enjoy the state park would rather not breathe snowmobile exhaust; and I am certain that no one wants a head-on collision with an aggressive rider.

I wonder why the safety and enjoyment of the majority of park users is secondary to allowing motorized, air polluting machines access to what should be a natural winter experience?

It is only a matter of time before someone is injured, or worse, in that dangerous situation.

Juliette Kearns, Auburn

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