HEBRON—As of last Saturday, Selectman Dan Eichorn noticed that all four garbage bins at the solid waste facility in town were filled. This news sparked discussion among the board as to if they should purchase another bin.

“If we need to purchase another dumpster, now would be the time to do it before the town meeting,” said Selectman James Reid. Eichorn added that because the bins were full, people were forced to put the garbage into the roll-off that holds the overflow.

Reid said that the last time there was an overflower of garbage in the bins was after Christmas, when people were throwing away boxes, wrapping paper, etc.

“It just seems strange that those four are full already,” said Reid.

Reid said he would find out more details about the possible purchase of a new dumpster, and then inform the rest of the board. From there, the funding for the dumpster would be discussed by the Budget Committee.

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