Now come on, all you big, strong, healthy young men and women — Uncle Sam needs your help again. He needs you to sign up for Obamacare (Affordable Care Act). Without multitudes of young, healthy people paying for the medical costs of older, less healthy people, the Affordable Care Act becomes unaffordable.

Don’t you young people owe it to your mothers and fathers, and all the other older and more sickly Americans?

Without the support of you young, healthy people (many of who voted for Barack Obama), the ACA will never get off the ground.

Many young, healthy men and women are dodging the responsibilities required of Obamacare. They are people who haven’t asked what they can “do for their country.”

Does Obama need to give them what he calls a “gentle nudge” in order to prod those young people to become better Americans? Many young Americans have figured out that the carrot of Obamacare is not so sweet.

President Obama, those young people are a chosen people. They are people who owe their existence to a choice their mother made. They are also wiser than you believe and often prone to acting in their own self-interest.


Young Americans cannot run to Canada to avoid Obamacare — there is socialized medicine up there, too.

Obama might want to start thinking about a “Plan B.” What will he do if young, healthy America refuses to fall into line?

Many believe that America is not doing enough for them.

Mike Lapointe, Canton

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