In response to Nancy Willard’s letter (Feb. 7), who found letters about President Obama and liberals disturbing and depressing, the information listed in my letter (Feb. 2) was based on facts which were not misinterpreted, nor could they be denied. Facts are what rationality and reason are based on.

I fully agree that people in a free country can believe in whatever they choose, even socialism or paganism. But if people read Obama’s books, they would find the evidence of his socialistic beliefs and convictions and what he wanted to do to America. During his election process, he promised change. People didn’t anticipate the kind of change intended.

Maybe there is not enough harping to maintain the Constitution as the founders framed it. There are some who want to liberalize it and even take away its religious affiliation.

Let me state again that this country was founded on religious principles, to instill decency and virtue. The founding fathers prayed prior to their meetings.

It there was any expression of hatred found in my letter, it was not at a person or party; it was due to the degeneration of this nation and culture. You cannot dislike a person, but you can dislike what that person does.

I also agree that people need health insurance, but in Willard’s letter supporting Obamacare, nothing was mentioned that millions of people would be losing their coverage and replacing it with coverage they don’t need or want.

Talk about disturbing and depressing …

Neil Bourgoin, Jay