LEWISTON — Nine more residents of the Twin Cities are passing petitions to be part of the group that will design a plan to combine Lewiston and Auburn.

Would-be candidates have a few more weeks to collect signatures and get their names on the June 10 ballot.

Auburn residents have until March 27 to return nominations signed by 100 Auburn residents. Lewiston residents have until April 11.

Auburn City Clerk Sue Clements Dallaire said three Auburn residents are circulating petitions. Lewiston City Clerk said nine residents are circulating petitions.

Voters in both cities will go the polls June 10 to choose three residents to represent their city on a new charter commission.

Auburn’s Dallaire said some residents are confused about what they will be voting on in June.

“I think they think they are voting on approving the whole consolidation effort,” she said. “I’ve heard it from a couple of residents, and I think there was some confusion in the way the petition was worded when they were just trying to get it underway. So there has been some confusion.”

The June 10 election is only to select the charter commission. That six-member group — three from Auburn and three from Lewiston — will begin working together to craft a founding document uniting the two cities, choosing a name for the new city, listing each community’s debts and assets, a name and location for city offices, rules of government and rules for the transition.

Once that work is done, it would go to voters for public review and debate. It would have to be approved by voters in both cities before it can become law and that election likely won’t happen until November 2015.

There is no time limit to the work. The commission can take as long is it needs to draft the new charter.

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Passing petitions

Twin Cities residents seeking Lewiston-Auburn Charter Commission Seat


Charles Morrison, 46 Lake St.

Bruce R. Poloquin, 39 Josslyn St.

Holly Lasagna, 220 W. Auburn Road


Stavros Mendros, 135 Hogan Road

Charles A. Soule, 135 Bartlett St.

Luke D. Jensen, 18 Hillmount Dr.

Chantel Pettengill, 200 Montello St.

Denny Bourgoin, 33 Charles St

Richard Grandmaison, 51 Jean St.

Lucien B. Gosselin, 625 College St.

N. Paul Gauvreau, 56 Tampa St.

Eugene Geiger, 22 Robitaille Circle

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