I am an American soldier, and I am a female.

I disagree with nearly every statement written in Heidi Weber’s letter to the editor, “Inappropriate for girls,” published Feb. 14.

The idea that using paintball guns can lead to murder is a stretch. Furthermore, I think that Weber should understand that girls have been fighting for years to prove that they can take on many of the roles that men had years before us. Weber wants to throw that fight away.

Her ideas are rather sexist when she states, “A little girl should be taught by her mother, grandmother, or aunt the use of the needle — how to sew a quilt or blanket for her doll and teddy bear.” I don’t believe that all women should be categorized as domestic housewives.

I am a female American soldier. I will continue to make a statement as many females have done and will continue to do. But I will sew once in a while: I will sew my name tag on my U.S. Army uniform, my tag that says U.S. Army, and maybe even sew a hole in my pants.

Mia Durgin, Lisbon Falls

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