A call came over the police scanner Thursday afternoon for yet another possible domestic dispute.

The police responded only to find the couple watching Jerry Springer. The officer quickly cleared the call.

— Amber Waterman

Edward Little’s case of the missing $40 
AUBURN — On Wednesday night as Edward Little High School Assistant Principal Steve Galway spoke about what administrators do, he shared how he spends time sorting out problems, such as the recent case of the missing $40.
Security cameras in the school are helpful, he said. “They show what happened and what didn’t happen.”
Recently, two students sat on a bench near the front lobby. One got up and walked away, leaving her bag. She later discovered $40 missing, and accused the other student of taking it, even though that student said she did not.

A review of the cameras showed that no one touched the bag while it was left unattended.

The student missing the money wasn’t satisfied. She accused Edward Little administrators “of not doing anything about it,” Galway said. So he made phone calls. When he spoke to the mother of the student missing the money, the mother said she took the $40.
“She was short on gas money,” Galway said.
— Bonnie Washuk

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