DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few years ago we purchased an EdenPure heater. It now needs repair. I did check the company’s website,, and it provided a service center locator. However, those are primarily for warranty service, and mine has expired.

I would think someone in our area must be capable of such repairs. I did not find anything in the phonebook. My check of the Internet turned up lots of hits, but most of those repair only large appliances such as furnaces.

Several sites suggested self-help using YouTube or other tutorials, which is not what I want.

I even tried finding stores where they are sold so maybe I could be advised on where to get it repaired. Every search for buying one has led to online shopping only.

I know from the many times reading your replies that you often find sources that people miss. Maybe you can find someone in Lewiston-Auburn region to fix this heater. — Joseph Landry, Lewiston

ANSWER: Joseph wrote to Sun Spots last year about being denied Staples Rewards for empty printer ink cartridges. Despite her best efforts, Sun Spots could not get anyone at Staples to help. She is afraid that Joseph is going to completely give up on her after reading what she has to say about EdenPure.

EdenPure is proprietary, which means they are not widely available in stores, although that is changing. To fix a unit, you (or a repairman) would have to buy parts from their service center online.

Sun Spots does not know of any business that fixes any portable electric heater, although a handyman might tackle the job for you. (If readers know of anyone who works on them, please email [email protected]

Much of an EdenPure heater is just like those inexpensive portable electric heaters you can buy in Walmart or any other big box or hardware store. The difference is that they are installed in a big case and a have some bells and whistles, such as remotes and more choices in temperature settings.

As far as Sun Spots knows, the primary reason for this is safety. The big case makes them difficult to tip over and limits access to the heater elements. This makes them appealing if there are small children or pets in the home.

But it doesn’t make them more efficient. According to Mr. Sun Spots, who has a degree in electrical engineering, and several online sources, electric heaters are 100 percent efficient with the exception of a small loss of power to run a fan if the unit has one.  (You can judge heat output by comparing watts.) 

The big problem with electric heaters is the cost of electricity. Mr. Sun Spots figured that the cost for electric heat is about four times that of wood in the Spots’ home.

There are two types of portable electric heaters: radiant and convection. Sun Spots prefers radiant heaters, such as the units that have circulating oil in them, as she finds the noise and blowing of the fan units annoying. Mr. Sun Spots prefers convection units with a fan. It is a matter of preference, not efficiency. 

Sun Spots found the following at

“The maker of EdenPure heaters has been told to discontinue its claims that the portable heaters are safer, superior and save more than other heaters. Suarez Corp, the manufacturer, can continue to boast that the heaters are ‘made in the USA’ after a review by the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation program. Consumer Reports recently included an EdenPure model in its tests of portable heaters, but it didn’t make the list of eight top picks.”

At, it said that Consumer Reports concluded the heaters aren’t worth the additional cost. “The EdenPure heater was the second-lowest-scoring space heater the magazine tested, earning only a 24 on a 100-point scale.”

If you want to buy a new EdenPure, they do sell them at Walmart and Lowe’s (according to an online search) and probably other local stores as well. Many stores are also starting to sell EdenPure “knock-offs,” which are much cheaper.

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