Russia has been building military equipment (guns, tanks, jets, bombs, etc.), then they sit back and laugh at the U.S., saying, “Look at those idiots, spending all that money for combat weapons going to other countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.).”

The Russians are building up their military while U.S. officials have cut military spending here in half.

What will our soldiers fight with?

Sticks and stones?

My brother is from the heart of California, where there are a lot of companies that build helicopters, jets, missiles, etc. They are not hiring. There is no work.

I think the U.S. government is in probably the worst shape it has ever been in. The president opens his mouth about aggression in other countries but has nothing to back it up.


It is all crazy.

And then there are the immigrants coming here. They won’t help fight for the U.S. That is not why they came here.

I am sorry, but the U.S. has had enough lives lost and nothing accomplished. Let those other countries fight their own battles. Let’s keep our nose out of it.

Freeman Lewis, South Paris

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