NEW GLOUCESTER — In mid-February, the missing personnel file of former New Gloucester bookkeeper Sandra Sacco was found, two months after she requested a copy.

Former Town Manager Sumner Field III sent an email notification to the board on the discovery of the file at 1:31 p.m. Feb. 14, just 29 minutes before the start of his retirement as town manager.

Field’s email states, “Yesterday afternoon, I opened a drawer in my desk that I had cleaned out last week and discovered that someone returned Sandra Sacco’s personnel file to the town and had placed (it) in the drawer. Documents were not in the folder as they had been and were clipped together with a clip. I have notified Cumberland County Sheriff, Maine Department of Labor and forwarded a copy of the file to Ms. Sacco per her 12/5/13 request.”

Sparked by a memo sent to the board by Field in early November, a late-night executive session with the town attorney was held on November 4.

By a three to two vote, the board changed Sacco’s full-time post beginning on January 2 to 24 hours per week without benefits, and that a part-time finance director be hired until June 30.

Field had notified the board in October of his pending retirement on Jan. 2, but later agreed to stay until Feb. 14 while a search for a new town manager was ongoing.


That town manager search ended abruptly when the candidate of choice refused the position.

Sacco, a 25-year veteran employee of the town, was stunned by the board action at the Nov. 4 executive session meeting that she was not invited to attend.

After two weeks, Sacco cited a hostile work environment and resigned from her post.

Public outcry of the board’s action also triggered a Freedom of Access Act request by the Sun Journal for the memo and training certifications of the five-member board and town manager.

The memo was never sent after Field stated the memo and executive session was about him and protected under personnel.

Some members of the public asked that three selectmen, Steve Libby, Nat Berry IV and Linda Chase, and Town Manager Field resign.


The town operates under Maine State Law and does not have a charter.

A recall petition by citizens was submitted to the board last month.

Sacco sought an attorney on the issue. No information is yet known about any legal action against the town.

On Monday, Sacco said by phone that her personnel file was copied and she received it by mail on Feb. 15.

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