100 years ago, 1914
A ward five, Auburn, man who was working for the Progressive cause in Monday’s election was offered fifty dollars to quit and take off his teams. Instead he dug in harder and got more voters to the polls for the cause in which he was interested.

50 years ago, 1964
(PHOTO CAPTION) H.E. Callahan Inc., Auburn contracting firm, has commenced work on building a new dam to replace that at North Auburn which went out several years ago. The new dam, one of the projects under the Federal Accelerated Public Works Program, is to be built on the site of the old one at the Basin. The picture was taken from the Lake Auburn inlet side of the project. At the right is the area where one wing of the new dam will be anchored. Soundings have indicated that the ledge condition is not what it was believed to be in that area and stronger footings will be necessary. The dam project stretches away to the left with the Basin behind the present work area.

25 years ago, 1989
An architect’s plans for making the Lewiston City Building useful well into the 21st century will be presented to the City Council and a building renovations committee next week. Chris Branch, city public works director, said the plans are intended to be used “to keep the building as a good, functioning city hall for the next hundred years.” Branch has been working closely with Harriman Associates, an Auburn architectural firm that is getting $60,000 to develop restoration plans. Branch said the plans call for renovating the vacant first floor so that it appears about the same as it did when constructed in 1890. The second floor would be rearranged to alleviate overcrowding in the treasurer’s office. He estimated in the city Capital Improvement Program that the first phase of work could cost $1 million. Most of the money would go toward upgrading old plumbing and electrical systems. Councilors will dictate how much work should take place when they allocate funds for city hall work.

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