As parents of a student attending Poland Regional High School, my husband and I went to Bangor to the championship basketball game  to celebrate our team. That was a momentous occasion for the community.

We arrived early and saw the Lake Region versus MDI game. Each had a cheerleading squad and band. Supporters alternated rooting for their teams. It was spectacular.

As that game ended, I was impressed by the number of Poland fans and proud to see the large contingency of PRHS students who made the trek to support their team in the next game.

Old Town’s cheerleaders and band assembled. I waited for ours. Nothing assembled. It seemed from that point on that Poland was a lesser team.

During a break in play, Old Town’s band, cheerleaders and fans took the stage because Poland didn’t have a full contingency. Time was not allocated for them.

How must the Poland players have felt?

As a parent and taxpayer, I support academics, athletics and the arts. Now, when taxpayers are pinching pennies, wouldn’t Poland’s band have been well served to be present? What better venue to showcase their talent?

In front of thousands of fans, wouldn’t they have been able to make the case for financial support while making fans proud of PRHS?

That was not the case. I cannot imagine why.

Players and community members came out in numbers I have never seen. They should have had the band there to support them.

Why weren’t they present?

Lisa Bowen, Turner

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