Brick can be a great feature in any home, but like most things, it can wear down over time. You can clean brick, you can repoint brick, and you can even replace brick. Replacement, however, can be difficult and costly. If you have brick that has seen better days and replacement is not an option, you might want to consider painting it.

Painting brick is not hard, but it does take some work, and once done, it can be hard to undo. Removing paint from brick is a painstaking process, so you need to make certain you are ready to proceed. If so, here are some pointers.

Choose the right supplies.

Brick in general is porous. For the best results, you will probably need a conditioner paint and a brick paint. You will also need the right rollers and brushes for easier coverage. Consult the professionals at your local hardware store for recommendations.

Prep the surface.

To ensure the paint sticks, you will need to prepare the brick properly. Start with a good wire brushing, particularly if the brick has a lot of chalkiness. This will also remove any loose material from the brick. Inspect the brick. See any cracks or missing mortar?

You should seal the cracks with caulk and repoint the mortar. Finally, give the brick a good cleaning with soap and water. For exterior brick, you may want to use a power washer. If you have mold, mildew or moss, make sure you use a bleach solution.

Put in the time.

Because brick is so porous, it takes longer to paint. In addition to the conditioner paint, you will probably have to apply two to three coats of the brick paint. When you are done, make sure you give the brick ample time to dry.

Just because it feels dry to the touch after a few hours doesn’t mean it is totally dry. Brick is so porous that it usually takes a few days for it to dry completely.

Painting brick takes time, time to research, time to prepare and time to complete. Make sure you allow ample time in your schedule to get the job done right.

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