NORWAY — Town Manager David Holt told selectmen Thursday night that he expects to recommend money for a dump truck, a sidewalk tractor and a bucket loader in the 2014-15 fiscal year budget.

The cost to taxpayers will be about $145,000.

Holt reminded the board that the town’s approach to budgeting high-priced equipment traditionally was to spread the costs over time.

“Unfortunately, because of a difficult budget year we haven’t kept up (with that plan) as well,” he said. “This year, we need three pieces of equipment.”

Holt said a new dump truck, which will include a plow, must be purchased to replace a used truck that was kept longer than originally intended. He said the prices of dump trucks have “gone up enormously.”

The price of the new truck is about $187,000.


The town needs to replace its 14-year-old sidewalk tractor, which has a broken frame. It is expected to cost more than $100,000.

The town also needs to replace a 1989 bucket loader that has signs of deterioration and high mileage. A used bucket loader from federal surplus is available for about $25,000, he said.

Although the cost of the equipment is more than $300,000, taxpayers would be asked to contribute only about $145,000: $45,000 for new equipment and $100,000 toward the truck account. The remainder would come from town savings, Holt said.

If town meeting voters approve the purchases, Holt said it would put the town back on track with its plan for replacing some equipment each year.

“The objective is to keep a good plan in place so we won’t have everything break down at once,” he said.

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