On March 12, the RSU 4 Board of Directors may be voting again on privatizing the school buses.

At the November 2012 election, the board asked for direction from the voters about privatizing. More than 5,000 voters from Sabattus, Litchfield and Wales supported keeping the bus drivers in an overwhelming vote of almost 2-to-1 in support of not privatizing the buses.

More than 5,000 people voting is thousands more than ever show up to vote for the budget in May at the high school and many, many more than vote in June. Yet, it seems that 5,000 voters are not sufficient numbers to give the board the direction it requested from the voters.

Why are members of this board looking at privatizing again? Why are they not able to accept the voters’ wishes?

Some board members would like to take the emotion out of the decision but I don’t know how that can be done when the issue involves parents and their children.

The RSU 4 bus drivers have a total of 300 years of school bus driving experience. We have carried the parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins of the children we are carrying now. We are vested in our students and have volunteered countless hours in our schools.

Betty Jo Wade, Litchfield  RSU 4 bus driver

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