It amazes me how the Farmers’ Almanac predicts winters so accurately.

Old Man Winter has cost people dearly, financially and socially. For retired people on fixed incomes, the necessities of food (prices have skyrocketed), medicine(s) and heat have drained their savings (if they had any). Mortgages or rent, car payments, gasoline prices and property taxes have added more of a burden.

Can retired people afford to keep their homes?

The U.S. has the smartest scientists in the world. Synthetic heating oil and gasoline could save people a lot of money, but I am sure the oil/gas lobby wouldn’t allow that to happen.

My part-time job necessitates a lot of driving, especially in the Twin Cities and to and from Augusta. The potholes in the roads are unbelievable. Patching is a joke and not cost effective. Auto parts stores and mechanics might be the only positive recipients of that dilemma.

Trying to drive around those holes can be perilous to all.

I hope to keep my car for a long time but those minefields may prevent that.

Here is a novel idea for public works or town crews for next year’s budgets: give motorists a chance by spraying florescent paint around the recessed potholes so drivers might have a chance to miss a few.

I think everyone appreciates the extra work town crews have done this winter. But if there is ever a lull in the workload, painting the potholes may prolong our shocks, struts and tires.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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