LEWISTON — Two more downtown apartment buildings are set to be torn down next month, the first of a list of 16 the city plans to remove this summer.

“It’s just the continuation of the work we’ve been doing the past two years,” said Norm Beauparlant, Lewiston’s budget and purchasing director. “The City Council has been very aggressive doing this and getting rid of these dangerous buildings.”

Beauparlant said the city is taking demolition bids for two three-unit apartment buildings at 91 Pine St. and 102 Walnut St. The bid package is scheduled to close this week and Beauparlant said he plans to present the low bidders to the city Finance Committee next week.

He’d like to tear down those buildings after April 1 — as soon as the weather is warm enough to let city crews spray water on the rubble to cut down on dust.

“We don’t like to do demolitions in the snow, or in the freezing cold,” Beauparlant said. “We have to put water down while we are doing it, so once it starts to freeze, we have to stop.”

Lewiston began the demolition program two years ago to get rid of dilapidated, dangerous buildings and improve the city’s housing stock. So far, the city has torn down 35 old tenements in the downtown. Beauparlant said the city has budgeted about $1.2 million for demolitions and has spent about $650,000.

He’s asking the City Council for an additional $400,000 in the 2014-15 budget’s capital projects plan.

Councilors have approved demolitions for more buildings: 86 Nichols St., 44 Birch St., 47 Knox St. and 10 Nomar Court. Beauparlant said those buildings should be knocked down later this summer.

According to state condemnation rules, once the City Council has approved the demolition of a property, the owner or interested parties have 30 days to react. They can move to demolish the property themselves or present a plan to repair the property. If they don’t act before the deadline, the city can remove the building and bill the owner for the work.

Councilors are scheduled to consider condemnation and demolition of buildings at 178 and 112 Holland St. at their March 18 meeting.

Eight more buildings would come down this summer, assuming councilors approve condemnation and no owners step forward to rescue the buildings. They are 112 College St., 40 Union St., 76 Irwin St., 44 Nichols St., 28 Wakefield St., 111 Pine St., 60 Howe St. and 109 Ash St.

“Those would all continue this summer as the time runs out and they become eligible,” Beauparlant said.

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