JAY — Selectpersons voted Monday to table action on a bid for a tax-acquired property until they know what the bidder’s plans are for it.

The board received one bid for a four-unit apartment building at 409 Old Jay Hill Road in a second-round of advertising. It was from Russell Dyer of Strong for $500.

Board Vice Chairman Justin Merrill said the town has $8,200 invested in the property.

The back taxes owed are $4,378, sewer fees are $2,903 and water fees are $184, for a total of $7,465, according to a memo. The board had previously asked that the minimum bid be set at $8,200 to recoup costs. The water fees will be collected by the Water District.

“We don’t want to become landlords,” Chairman Steve McCourt said. The other members agreed with him.

If the bid is accepted, what assurances would the board have that it not be back in the same position it is now in three years, McCourt said.

Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere said selectpersons have the right to refuse the bid and can ask questions of the bidder. She suggested other options, including listing the property with a realtor or the town could take the building down.

LaFreniere, Code Enforcement Officer Ronda Palmer and highway foreman John Johnson have checked the building. LaFreniere said it needs maintenance.

Selectperson Pearl Cook said it sounds like there are a few problems with it and it is not something the town would want to be involved in. People complained to the board when the property was first acquired by the town.

The board can ask the bidder what his plans are before a decision is made, Selectperson Tim DeMillo said.

“You don’t have to act on this tonight but you don’t want to drag it out,” LaFreniere said.

McCourt said it would be helpful if the person came to a meeting.

The board tabled the matter until it hears the bidder’s plans.

The board also voted to give extensions on two more tax-acquired properties. The owner of about an acre at 506 East Jay Road paid the taxes but the check was returned for insufficient funds, LaFreniere said.

He sent a letter that he would send a cashier’s check for $1,200 on April 1 that would cover back taxes and fees and possibly more, she said.

Anything not used would be applied to any remaining taxes from another year.

The board voted to give the owner 30 days from March 5 to pay the outstanding amount with no more extensions. The owner had sent a letter to the town dated March 5.

The board also voted to give the owner of a mobile home at 29 Pleasant Drive 30 days from Monday to pay back taxes and associated fees. The land the home is on does not belong to the trailer owner.

The amount owed on the mobile home is $196, LaFreniere said. The property does qualify for a homestead exemption, she said.

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