100 years ago, 1914
“I am sorry but I shall have to ask you not to turn over that seat,” said a conductor on a Lewiston figure-eight car, Saturday, when two women came on and started to turn over the seat in front of the one where they intended to sit. “I don’t know the reason,” he courteously explained, “but it is a new rule.” Another passenger asked more about the new rule but he said he knew nothing as to why it was made and that be had been told if one kicked, to send them to the office. Inquiries were made at the L. A. & W. St. R. R. office and it was learned that because so many people have the habit of turning over the seat in front, whether or not the car is crowded, and thereby often causing someone to stand who otherwise might sit, the rule was established.

50 years ago, 1964
The Annual Parents’ Night observance will be held tonight by the Country Cousins 4-H Club at the South Auburn Baptist Church and appearing on the program will be a group calling themselves the “Beatles’ Sisters” which includes Shannon Evans, Judy Vye, Diane Hart and Patsy Steele. Others appearing will be Sylvia Libby giving a milking demonstration; Linda Pelletier in a pantomime; Edward Evans, Patsy Steele, Phillip Benway, Shannon Evans, Judy Vye, Edward Fournier and Linda Pelletier doing a safety skit; Ernest Libby speaking on the care of the milking machine; Joyce Pelletier in a baton twirling act; and Dorothy Coburn and Sharon Dodge demonstrating making of fruit salad.

25 years ago, 1989
The planned expansion of the Lewiston-Auburn College of the University of Southern Maine will come before city boards for official approval next week. The permit would be necessary because the college, which is in a former tennis building on Westminster Street, is an educational use in an industrial zone. About 60 percent of the building has been converted to learning spaces such as classrooms and laboratories and the college wants to convert the remainder of the building by September.

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