DEAR SUN SPOTS: Since writing to Sun Spots last year asking for volunteers to help Newborns in Need, I have been surprised again and again with the generosity of the people of Maine. I have angels who knit, crochet and sew warm quilts, afghans, hats, booties and sweaters. We still receive donations of yarn and fabric. There are area businesses who donate weekly.

Specializing in the basic needs of babies who are born sick, premature or in economic crisis, we provide warm blankets, sleepers, hats, bottles, washcloths, baby wash, diapers, wipes and other needed essentials to agencies and hospitals, who in turn give them to needy babies in our community.

Newborns in Need is expecting a large donation of clothing, blankets and other needed supplies soon, and we are looking for a space to store these items. The ideal place would also allow us to hold volunteer meetings to make up the gift bags like the ones we have been donating to local hospitals and other agencies who use our services.

Since we receive no state or federal funding, we rely completely on donations from the private sector. I have asked churches and other organizations, but have not been successful in finding any place, so I am asking your readers for help.

Is there anyone in the Lewiston-Auburn area who would be willing to let us have a space to help these babies get a better start in life?

I can provide a receipt for a charitable tax deduction. My husband and I will be driving to Sebec to pick up these donations, and I am told it will fill our eight-foot pickup truck bed at least twice. We can help so many babies who desperately need it; we just need a place to put it.

If you can help, I can be reached by phone or email. Thank you! — Denise Pettengill, [email protected], 207-795-6538

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I live on Blake Street and have been feeding an old gray-and-white cat for months. I used to see “Butch” between 3 and 5 a.m. slowly work his way from my area to that big green apartment on Pine and Blake streets, which is one of the apartments that caught on fire.

Ever since then I have been taking care of Butch. I have put up fliers and online information on Butch. So far there haven’t been any hits.

It is dire that I find his owners because I took Butch to the vet and found out that he has leukemia. Butch may have three months to three years before he dies from this disease. As far as the vet could tell he’s between 8 and 9 years old. Butch has old flabby man flesh, his teeth are broken, and he has a painful arthritic walk in his hind legs. Butch doesn’t have long before he dies.

I have seen enough death while serving in the military and hate to see a cat suffer. My cat “Beast” is my therapy cat.

Butch needs to find his family, if it exists. If not, I will be his family.

Humans were not the only ones displaced by the fires. Animals were also displaced and are still homeless. — Cheryl Lynn McCaffey, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots thinks it’s likely that Butch was abandoned and is a stray, but on the chance that someone is looking for him, here is your letter. It is very kind of you to care for him.

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