PERU – Town Clerk Vera Parent told selectmen Monday night that she sent letters to delinquent property-tax payers and about half have set up payment schedules. The rest have until the end of the week to do so or risk foreclosure, she said.

Board Chairman Jim Pulsifer said he has contacted vendors and instructed them to have town employees who sign for gas or other merchandise specify which department should be charged for the purchase.

Parent announced that the latest test of the Worthley Pond spring showed the water is safe.

Theodore Goddard of New England Performance Rally informed selectmen by letter that the 23rd New England Forest Rally will be run July 18 and July 19. Selectmen had no objection to the road race.

Parent said nomination papers are available for offices to be filled in the June election. Positions include two selectmen, a road commissioner and a fire chief, all for three-year terms.

Selectman Laurieann Milligan resigned several months ago.

There was a discussion of mail boxes being hit by plow trucks, with some residents suggestion that sometimes it was not an accident.

Pulsifer said anyone who deliberately damages property should be fired.

“You don’t use your position to get back at people,” he said.

The town attorney has researched the matter involving Recreation Committee funds and requested a conference call with selectmen to decide whether to file suit or take other action.

Resident Warren Oldham and Pulsifer discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having the selectmen secretary position appointed instead of elected. Oldham and Peruvians for Honest Government successfully petitioned to have the position made elective. Oldham said the advantage was residents could recall elected officials.

Pulsifer and the other selectmen want the position to be appointed so the board could oversee the secretary’s performance.

When Oldham asked how residents could get rid of an appointed secretary, Pulsifer said by recalling the selectmen.

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