This is in reference to a Sun Journal story, “2nd chance for chickens” that ran Feb. 12. The Lewiston City Council was considering letting some Lewiston property owners keep chickens for their own use.

Shame, shame on councilors Don D’Auteuil, Nathan Libby, Kristen Cloutier and Mike Lachance for having the audacity to even consider such a ridiculous idea.

Next will be pigs, cows, etc. Not to mention the potential illnesses or diseases or the noise that those animals can make.

Let those councilors (or whoever else wants to change the Lewiston ordinances that don’t currently allow it) set up areas on their own city properties and live with the chickens, etc., for the next six months and then ask them again if that was a good idea to begin with.

They do not want to set a precedent with that unbelievable idea.

I hope they are also considering changing the zoning whereby the real estate taxes would have to be reduced, and the fact that Lewiston’s image would get much worse.

The city does not need it.

What is wrong with city officials? Can it be that it was all a joke?

Let’s hope that is all it was.

Gerry Grenier, Lewiston

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